How we Remove Stains and Clean Your Carpet

Carpet stain coffee stain removal Aylesbury
coffee stain in carpet

Stains that have been left to dry can be almost impossible to remove without the right equipment. That’s why we use the best chemicals available to remove even the worst stains.

Our chemicals are safe and pet friendly, and can be used on stair carpet, carpet floors and even outdoor carpets.

Step One –

On arriving we Vacuum and Pre-spray the entire area you need cleaned with pre-spray chemicals that will start working while we get everything else ready.

Step Two –

We then go over the area with an agitation machine which separates the carpet fibres so they are ready to clean. Depending on the stain we may also apply other chemicals specifically targeted at that stain. We have chemicals for Coffee, Wine, Gum, Pet stains, paint and more.

Step 3 –

Now we start the extraction using our Carpet Machine, sucking up all the dirt that was locked in your carpet.

Step 4 –

Depending how damp the carpet is once finished, we may Setup a Turbo-Dryer such as the one linked to finish drying.

Want to see the results you can expect? click this link to see our results.

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